T2C-Energy has over fifty years of experience in biofuels engineering, scale up, and operations of commercial scale fuels plants. We are revolutionizing the waste to energy sector by offering the most profitable and efficient technology for biogas and waste gas mitigation strategies by producing drop in diesel fuel derived from waste. Our novel, patent pending catalytic technology (TRIFTS) is capable of utilizing both the carbon dioxide and methane components of biogas and incorporates them into the hydrocarbon backbone of the final product (diesel). This renewable source of diesel resembles its petroleum counterpart both physically and chemically and can be used in current day engines with no engine modifications. The heavy equipment and waste hauling trucks can therefore unload and refuel at the same landfill or AD site with a renewable diesel fuel derived from the very waste they hauled. Thus a closed loop process is created from feedstock to end point user. T2C-Energy’s technology provides a major step towards reducing total carbon emissions on a domestic and international level. The TRIFTS process is a truly disruptive technology capable of revolutionizing the waste to energy sector and decreasing the US dependence on both domestic and foreign oil as well as other fossil fuels (Ex. natural gas).